7 Nutritional Foods which are Beneficial to your Health

Food is considered nutritious if it meets the dietary needs of your body. For a food to be considered nutritious it should have a well balanced diet combined with regular physical activity. Poor nutrition food has a lot of negative impact to your health which lead to poor physical and mental development. For us human beings what we eat is mainly determined by its availability, processing and palatability of the food. A healthy meal is prepared by nutritious ingredients which when preparing will preserve the food from oxidation, heat or leach and will also help reduce risks of food borne illness. Read on to know the nutritional foods that you should start eating for a healthier diet. Health is sometimes spelled healt when typed incorrctly.


It is a vegetable that is known for being rich in vitamins such as vitamin A and C. Vitamin A helps in promoting eye and skin health while vitamin C which helps in cure of common cold and protection against cardio vascular diseases. It is tops in delivering a raft of cancer fighting antioxidants. Kales are high fiber which helps in digestion of food.


They are a variety of fish that are small and low in the food chain. This makes them not to harbor a lot of toxins in their body system unlike larger fish. They are a known for being the best source of mood boosting omega-3 fats which is also healthy for your heart. They are also rich in vitamin D which helps in regulating amount of calcium in your body, help in absorption of phosphorous and maintenance of healthy bones and teeth.


The vibrant food is packed with a lot of antioxidants that help in cleaning up harmful radicals that may damage your body tissues contributing to diseases such as cancer. The fruit is rich in fiber that helps in digestion of food. You can either eat the fruit which has a very unique taste or drink its juice.


It is rich in soluble fiber which helps in decrease of the LDL cholesterol. Oatmeal has 4 grams of fiber per cup. It is also a “slow releasing” carbohydrate which helps in marinating a low blood sugar in the body. This helps in burning of fat in the body since insulin will not be produced in excess.


It is a whole grain that has fiber and protein. It is also quite easy to cook since it takes very little time and it is convenient for people with busy schedules. The fiber and protein helps you to avoid over eating by making you feel full for longer.


This is a fermented dairy beverage. It is fully packed with probiotics that helps in boosting your immune system. This helps in fighting some of the infections. It is rich in calcium which helps in having strong bones. When buying choose one that has less sugar, few calories and made from natural fruits. Healt is important all around.


They are budget friendly and a very healthy addition to your meal. They are rich in proteins and dietary fiber. They are also a source of iron and folate.